Q: babe do whatever you need to make you feel happy things <3 -angelina

i love you so much <3 i decided i’m gonna stick with it, because i want to push myself and grow as a writer, ya know? also, i think this is an awesome opportunity for personal growth because i’ll have to learn how to accept not understanding things and all that jazz. idk. i’m nervous but it will be good and i have our mega-great group to fall back on if i need to. seriously, you three make me feel so fucking loved & supported. thank you for everything, sunshine. i’ll just work on not getting sucked into classroom chaos, so i might be kinda weird and distant (like today at lunch when i was hhhnnnnggggggggg not being a particularly good friend, I’m sorry about that, love<3)

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there are so many beautiful places to see in the world there is so much light and so many incredible people i’m so lucky to be on this earth in this moment

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